Adapting agriculture
to climate change

Developing promising strategies using analogue locations in
Eastern and Southern Africa (CALESA)

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Latest News

Preparation of a book under the CALESA project

25 February 2014

HAW Hamburg is preparing in cooperation with ICRISAT and KARI the publication of a scientific book under the framework of the CALESA project. The topic of the book focuses on “Adapting small-scale ... Read more

Final phase of the CALESA project

17 February 2014

The CALESA project is starting its final stage. During this period, the activities and results during the lifetime of the project will be gathered and further analysed. The outputs of the CALESA project ... Read more

Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

16 February 2014

The CALESA project is collaborating in the “Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation”. This book, which is being prepared by the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP) and HAW Hamburg, ... Read more


CloudRain-fed agriculture will remain vital for food security in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Nearly 90% of the staple food production will continue to come from rain-fed smallholder farming systems.

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Objectives & Output

Drought2The project will evaluate strategies for agricultural adaptation to climate change through the use of "analogue locations", with special reference to predicted temperature increases.

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